The 6 Best Dog Daycares in Boise! (2022)

Is your dog comfortable around other dogs? Be aware of how he/she interacts with them. If you notice that your pet is aggressive or anxious around others, then this may not be the right daycare for him/her.

How to Choose a Dog Daycare in Boise, Idaho

They make a point of teaching all of their employees how to deal with certain dog behavior and appropriate play behavior. With this tremendous information, their workers may mix and match the dogs to create the best doggie daycare experience for each one.

1. Escape the Crate Daycare

Camp Bow Wow is a popular destination for pet parents because they know their dogs are in excellent care. They are surrounded by Camp Counselors who treat them as if they were their own family from the moment they stride through our doors until you come to pick them up. We make certain that our facilities are both safe and secure, so there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Camp Bow Wow

Treat your furry pal to a fantastic day of dog day camp at Idaho Dog Park. You will get a “Welcome to the Family” certificate on your first visit, as well as a grade for how well your dog interacted with their kennel technicians and other dogs (standardized behavior assessment).

3. Idaho Dog Park

All Paws offers a typical day in the life for dogs: playtime with friends, plenty of attention from their committed team, and more than enough room to romp about in our 13,000+ sq. foot facility.

4. All Paws Stay -N- Play Stayner’s Doggie Retreat

Socialization with the rest of the nice dogs is essential to your dog’s health and pleasure. That’s why Companions Dog Resort, a canine daycare facility in Boise, stresses socialization with other dogs and staff during dog daycare.

5. Companions Dog Resort

They offer a one-of-a-kind day camp experience at IPH’s Life Enrichment Activity Program (or L.E.A.P.). They don’t just tucker your dog out with playing all day; they also concentrate on all aspects of enrichment to help them avoid boredom, stress, and bad behaviors.

6. Pet Lodge

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