9 Basic Dog Commands in Spanish! (2022)

Your dog learns language (i.e., commands) just like people do growing up: you absorb what’s around you. If you grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, you would learn Spanish.

Can Dogs Learn Another Language like Spanish?

Some dog owners take the time to teach their dogs some nifty commands and impressive tricks. If that’s you, that’s awesome! Spanish-speaking puppy.

Dog Commands in Spanish

The “no” command is essential for any pet owner. Dogs need to learn their boundaries, and one of the best ways to teach them this is by giving them a command that lets them know what they’re doing is wrong.

1. No Command: No

The Spanish dog command ven aqui means come here. Many Spanish trainers will shorten this command to ven, which is an informal form of the verb venir, meaning “to come.”

2. Come Command: Ven Aqui

The “sit” command doesn’t typically have any kind of purpose other than to teach your dog to listen and earn its treats. However, it can be helpful in a “sit-stay” combination command during times when you need your dog to stay put.

3. Sit Command: Sientate

The stay command is integral for many reasons in the life of a dog owner. Not only does it teach your puppy patience, but it has practical applications.

4. Quiet Command: Quieto

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