9 Dog Breeds That Look Like Polar Bears!

Many dog breeds imitate the looks of a polar bear without posing the threat that an actual bear poses.

So, if you want a polar bear but are open to a dog instead, check out the list  for your best options.

These dogs are as close to a polar bear that you will probably ever get. Male Great Pyrenees typically weigh 100lbs or more.

Great Pyrenees

These dogs originated in Russia, where they were used to pull sleds. So, just like polar bears, Samoyeds love the snow.


If you are looking for the smallest polar bear look-alike possible, then a Pomeranian is the best choice. These little dogs come in multiple colors.


A lesser-known breed, the Slovensky Cuvac is the polar bear dog of your dreams. These dogs weigh in between 68-97lbs and are only bred in white.

Slovensky Cuvac

These dogs can come in two colors; white and white and biscuit. Both of these colors are similar to polar bear coloring.

American Eskimo Dog

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