Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

Stretching and purring are some of a cat’s most common behavioral traits. But your dog does not necessarily have to inherit these two traits only.

Signs That Your Dog is Acting Like a Cat

 If your dog doesn’t tend to sit in one place and keeps jumping on such items, then it may be that it’s trying to act like a cat.

1. Prances on Counters, Chairs, or Shelves

There are multiple reasons for your dog to be acting like a cat. For example, your dog grew up with cats. So they want attention, etc.

Reasons Why Your Dog Acting Like a Cat

If your cat jumps up on tables, sofas and curls into a ball on your lap because they know it’s comfortable, your dog will eventually catch on too.

1. Dogs Are Intelligent Animals

1.You should always stay calm. 2.Don’t enable your dog’s behavior. 3.Don’t shout at your dog.

Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Acting like a Cat

Each dog has their personality, and if your dog thinks it’s a cat, then you’ll have to love it the way it is.

Conclusion For “Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat”

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