Does Alcohol Kill Fleas?

In short, yes alcohol kills fleas. But unlike other flea treatments, you can’t apply alcohol to your pet’s fur and skin. If you do, it can cause serious health consequences.

Does Alcohol Kill Fleas?

Pet’s can absorb alcohol through their skin, so if you apply too much, it will poison your pet.

Reason Why You Can’t Use Alcohol on Your Pet’s Skin

Although you can’t apply rubbing alcohol topically to kill fleas, you can use it in other ways to help control your pet’s flea issues.

What Can Alcohol Do to Fight Fleas?

Preventing fleas is the best way to ensure you never need to kill fleas with rubbing alcohol. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but here are some tips you can follow to help prevent flea infestations before they start.

Flea Prevention Tips For Pets

Since alcohol isn’t a safe way to treat fleas living on your pet, you need an effective way to treat fleas that live on your pet. Flea collars or medication are the best for controlling fleas.

1. Treat Fleas on Your Pet Year Round

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2. Groom Regularly

Dust, fur, and other debris are a way for fleas and their larvae to invade your home. Once inside your home, they live off of dried skin and blood that falls in soft fabric areas.

3. Clean Your Home Every Week

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