Do Blueberries Help With Dog Tear Stains?

Does your dog suffer from tear stains? Are you wondering what you can do to treat and prevent this problem?

Do blueberries help with dog tear stains? And the answer is yes! Incorporating blueberries into your dog’s life can help with dog tear stains.

Here is a list of some most common cause: 1. Epiphora 2. Allergies 3. Glaucoma 4. Conjunctivitis

What Causes Dog Tear Stains?

Blueberries are a superfood that can be added to your dog’s diet and beauty routine to reduce tear staining. They are also great at keeping the eyes healthy.

Do Blueberries Help With Dog Tear Stains?

Eating blueberries is not the only way you and your dog can benefit from this fruit. Here we'll explain how you can use blueberries.

How to Use Blueberries to Treat and Prevent Dog Tear Stains

These berries are incredibly high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which help reduce the eye irritation that can lead to excessive tearing and stains.

1. Diet

Blueberry shampoos, also sometimes referred to as blueberry facials, have been proven to remove stubborn tear stains from dogs’ fur.

2. Cosmetic

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