The 160+ Best Designer Dog Names! (2022)

1. Tyra (Banks) 2. Heidi (Klum) 3. Kate (Moss) 4. Adrianna (Lima) 5. Gigi (Hadid) 6. Naomi (Campbell)

Designer Girl Dog Names

1. Hugo (Boss) 2. Jimmy “Chew”– Jimmy Choo 3. Calvin (Klein) 4. Jean-Paul (Gaultier) 5. Manolo (Blahnik) 6. Marc (Jacobs)

Designer Boy Dog Names

1. Jumper– A charming British way to say “sweater” 2. Socks– Perfect for the pup with white feet 3. Pleat– Based on the fold in skirts 4. Damask– A rich, luxurious fabric with the pattern sewn into the weave 5. Denim– A hardy, cotton fabric

Cute Designer Dog Names Based on Fabric and Clothes

1. Madden– American designer Steve Madden 2. Coco– French designer Coco Chanel 3. Vivienne– English fashion mogul Dame Vivienne Westwood 4. Vera– American fashion designer Vera Wang 5. Versace– Italian socialite, model, and designer Donatella Versace

Famous Designer Names for Dogs

1. Aloysius– German, “famous warrior” 2. Margaret– Greek, “pearl” 3. Kingston– English, “king’s town” 4. Maximilian– Latin, “the greatest” 5. Pippa– Greek, “lover of horses”

Posh Designer Puppy Names

1. Oakley– a famous eyewear brand 2. Juicy (Couture) 3. Tiffany (& Co) 4. Valentino (Garavani) 5. (Guccio) Gucci 6. (Michael) Kors 7. (Thierry) Hermes

Name Brand Names for Dogs

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