104 Cute Comments for Dogs!

Compliments for someone’s dog make everyone happy. But what is there to say that they haven’t heard before?

There are plenty of cute dog phrases out there to choose from. Keep reading for our favorite comments for any dog, in any situation!

1. “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” 2. “Home is where the puppy is.” 3. “Life is so much more interesting with a dog.”

Inspiring Comments For Dogs

1. “Your dog’s face is so cute.” 2. “They are so handsome.” 3. “How adorable!” 4. “It looks like they’re smiling.”

Comments on Dog Looks

1. “Your dog is so smart!” 2. “I’m impressed with their ability to follow directions.” 3. “Your pup makes me smile.” 4. “Their exuberance is infectious to watch.”

Comments on a Dog’s Personality

1. “That dog is so well-behaved.” 2. “Your dog inspires me to do some training with my own.” 3. “That dog clearly adores you.”

Comments on the Owner-dog Relationship

1. “These are the dog days of summer.” 2. “Thug life? More like pug life.” 3. “Your dog retrieved my attention!” 4. “How paw-fect!”

Cheesy Dog Comments

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