Corgi Puppies in Massachusetts – Top 5 Breeders!

As your Corgi puppy grows, a good breeder can be a wonderful source of information.

When looking for a reputable Corgi breeder in Massachusetts, you want to find one that specializes in the Corgi breed. Here is a list of best breeders  in Massachusetts.

PuppySpot is a puppy marketplace that carefully screens potential breeders. Once a breeder passes their screening process, they can list available puppies for adoption

1. PuppySpot Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, WindDancer is a small family kennel owned by Mary DeToma. She specializes in breeding both Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

2. WindDancer Corgis

This small hobby breeder has a true love for the Corgi breed, as well as an education in small animals and a background in breeding.

3. Gooseberry Acre Corgis

Owned by Kathryn Smith, she breeds her dogs to the standards of the PWCCA & all her dogs are health checked for potential genetic conditions.

4. Cymry Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Welsh Springer Spaniels

Brogan Corgis was founded in 1976 by Mari Carroll. Carroll is an accomplished breeder and handler and is well known in the dog world.

5. Brogan Corgis

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