Can Fleas Live in Human Hair?

If you have a dog and are worried about it bringing fleas into your home or hair, then this guide will help answer your question.

This information is educational and, frankly, a bit creepy regarding fleas and if they can live in human hair. Some facts are about real dangers, maybe more than you think.

Fleas are parasitic, tiny, wingless, brown-colored parasites that bite skin and feed off the blood of mammals: 1. Dogs 2. Cats 3. Skunks

What Are Fleas?

The cat flea Ctenocephalides felis is the most common to affect dogs and cats in America. The truth is, cat fleas can affect dogs, and dog fleas can affect cats, but dog fleas exist mostly in Europe.

Are Fleas on Dogs and Cats The Same Type?

The good news is, since we’re not ideal breeding grounds for the parasites, they cannot live on us. They prefer animal hair and blood.

Do Fleas From Dogs Go in Human Hair?

Even though there are so many flea species, only a few types can affect people’s health:

What Types of Illnesses Can Fleas Carry?

This flea is the most common flea found on pets and other domestic animals in the United States. It can spread plague bacteria but does so inefficiently compared with a ground squirrel or rat fleas.

1. Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides Felis)

Dipylidium caninum, a tapeworm commonly found in dogs and cats but occasionally found in humans. The dog flea is not a common flea of the domestic dog in the United States.

2. Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides Canis)

It is frequently associated with ground squirrels, including California ground squirrels and rock squirrels, which are known to aid in the spread of plague bacteria to people in the United States.

3. Ground Squirrel Flea (Oropsylla Montana)

Plague and flea-borne (murine) typhus. A rat-associated flea is commonly known for transmitting plague bacteria globally.

4. Oriental Rat Flea (Xenopsylla Cheopis)

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