Can Dogs Eat Pepper Jack Cheese? (2022)

Pepper jack cheese is not good for dogs due to the spices, garlic, and excessive calories in this cheese variety. Garlic is toxic to dogs, and any kind of spicy pepper can lead to severe abdominal upset for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Pepper Jack Cheese?

Pepper jack cheese is an American cheese with Latin origins that date back to 19th century California. The cheese is essentially whole monterey jack cheese that is blended with seasonings, and a variety of peppers to create a spicy taste.

How Is Pepper Jack Cheese Prepared?

First and foremost, cheese is not a great idea in terms of feeding it to your dog. Nearly all varieties of cheeses can lead to canine constipation, and the fat content is not good for dogs either. Let's go over the common ingredients.

What Ingredients in Pepper Jack Cheese Are Unhealthy for Dogs?

Garlic and onion are even more dangerous for dogs than peppers. Garlic can lead to kidney failure and poisoning of a dog’s circulatory system since it attacks canine red blood cells.


As mentioned, cheese, even pepper jack cheese, is not toxic enough to be immediately fatal to dogs. The exception to this is pepper jack cheeses that contain garlic, and most brands do.

Can Dogs Eat Pepper Jack Cheese in Moderation?

There are not any dog treats out there that simulate the taste of pepper jack cheese, but there are still many similar options you can give your dog.

Try These Alternatives Instead

Peanut butter is also a universal stand-by for dogs who become bored with their average treats. Peanut butter is adequate in protein and contains beneficial vitamins and minerals for dogs to boot.

Peanut Butter

As mentioned, garlic is a common ingredient in pepper jack cheese, and garlic is toxic and potentially fatal for dogs.

Is Pepper Jack Cheese Toxic to Dogs?

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