Can Dogs Eat Nutella? What You Should Know! (2022)

Although Nutella is safe for human consumption, it should not be given to dogs. Nutella contains Theobromine as cocoa but only in trace amounts. However, given that cocoa is toxic to dogs, any amount of cocoa is dangerous.

Is it Safe For Dogs to Eat Nutella?

A single serving of Nutella contains a staggering 21 grams of sugar and fat. Dogs have great difficulty digesting high sugar and fat content. We will review the negative health effects of your dog eating nutella.

What is the Effect of Nutella Consumption on Your Dog?

The pancreas is responsible for blood glucose regulation and metabolism, food digestion, and hormone synthesis. When your furry buddy consumes a high-fat meal, the pancreas inflates, impairing enzyme synthesis and posing a severe health risk.

1. Pancreatitis

Gastroenteritis is a medical condition that relates to stomach and intestine inflammation. Gastroenteritis is a disorder with several causes such as infections, foreign bodies, illnesses, viruses, bacteria, drugs, and diet.

2. Gastroenteritis

Theobromine has a significant impact on your furry friend’s CNS. That is why it only takes a trace amount to affect your dog adversely. Because the CNS is required for proper organ function in your dog, any damage can rapidly become life-threatening.

3. Dysfunction of the Central Nervous System

If you want to spoil your dog, experiment with a different treat since Nutella may cause more harm than good. Notably, if your dog consumes some Nutella that you accidentally spilled on the floor, they will not get sick.

What is an Appropriate Amount of Nutella For a Dog?

If you realize your dog has consumed Nutella, the first step is to check the ingredients list. If the ingredients feature Xylitol and any other nuts except hazelnuts, that would be dangerous to your dog.

What to Do If Your Dog Consumes Nutella

While hazelnuts are not hazardous to dogs in moderation and are unsalted and uncoated, veterinarians and other pet professionals do not advocate them for your dog.

Are Hazelnuts Safe For Dogs to Consume?

The best alternative is peanut butter, which dogs like more than Nutella. You can make it chunky, fine, or thick however you find most convenient. It is popular with dogs and is a safe substitute for Nutella in small amounts.

Dog-Friendly Alternatives to Nutella

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