Can Dogs Eat Mochi? (2022)

Mochi cakes are not a good snack for dogs. The sugar content in these cakes is far too high, and the gluten from the rice flour can exacerbate dog allergies and even lead to choking due to the stick consistency. Plain, unsweetened mochi cakes are okay for dogs in scarce moderation.

Can Dogs Eat Mochi?

Mochi cakes are made from the rice flour of mochiko rice, and this sweet Japanese delicacy traces its origins back to Ancient Japan.

What Is Mochi Made Of?

A mochi cake given to a dog is a tricky thing to label in terms of safety because none of the ingredients are outright toxic to dogs. Sugar in very, very small doses will typically not cause problems for a dog.

Is Mochi Harmful to Dogs?

Choking could occur from a dog eating mochi due to either the release of flour extract while chewing or the tendency for dogs to swallow treats whole.


Dogs should not eat mochi ice cream. Ice cream in and of itself is a definite no in terms of giving the treat to dogs. The sugar content in ice cream is through the roof, and the milk from the ice cream can also cause allergic reactions for dogs who are lactose intolerant.

Can Dogs Eat Mochi Ice Cream?

Plain mochi is probably the best type of mochi to consider giving to your dog as a treat. Plain mochi lacks the added sugars found in traditional and sweet mochi cakes, such as mochi eaten during celebrations.

Can Dogs Eat Plain Mochi in Moderation?

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