Can Dogs Eat Graham Crackers?

Can dogs eat graham crackers? The good news is your dog can eat graham crackers, but you will want to be careful how much you give them.

In this guide, we will talk about the nutrition factor of graham crackers and dive a little bit deeper into the question “can dogs eat graham crackers?”

If you are giving your dog graham crackers, the original version is definitely the better choice overall. There are 3 main aspects of graham crackers that we want to consider for overall nutritional value.

Graham Cracker Ingredients – Are They Good for Dogs?

Sugar isn’t healthy for humans and it isn’t very healthy for dogs either. Some dogs actually have extreme sensitivity to sugar and are negatively affected even by consuming the smallest amounts of sugar.

Sugar for Dogs

Graham crackers tend to be high in carbs which isn’t great for dogs. Carbohydrates can often lead to extensive weight gain (in humans and animals alike).

Carbohydrates for Dogs

The problem with wheat is you may not realize your dog has an intolerance to gluten. Even dogs that don’t have gluten intolerances can experience problems with their digestive systems from having too much wheat.

Wheat for Dogs

We’ve covered how individual ingredients in graham crackers could potentially affect your dog but let’s talk about side effects that you should be aware of or watch for.

Side Effects of Dogs Eating Graham Crackers

The combination of sugar, wheat, and carbohydrates that are in graham crackers could quickly lead to obesity for your dog.

Obesity in Dogs

Dogs need tooth care too. Just like when we consume too much sugar, we run the risk of getting cavities or even rotting our teeth, dogs can have dental issues from graham crackers.

Dental Issues for Dogs

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