Can Dogs Eat Corn Nuts?

You went to the store, bought a bag of corn nuts, brought it home, and opened it. With your dog by your side, you’re probably wondering: Can dogs eat corn nuts?

Before tossing them a kernel or two, it’s important to know the ingredients of these popular snacks and how safe they are to share with your dog. To help, here we share what you need to know about dogs and eating corn-nuts snacks.

These snack treats are very popular and are similar to many kinds of chips. They are made out of corn kernels that are deep-fried or roasted.

What Are Corn Nuts?

When answering whether or not dogs can eat corn nuts, it’s important to consider what kind of corn nuts are being shared. In its most basic form, corn kernels are not toxic to dogs.

Is it Safe For Dogs To Eat Corn Nuts?

While corn nuts in their just corn form may not be toxic, they are still not a recommended snack for your dog. Here are a few concerns with feeding your dog corn nuts.

Concerns in Feeding Your Dog Corn Nuts

As corn nuts are essentially fried corn kernels, these snacks lack nutritional value. They are empty calories that do not support a dog’s health and development.

1. Lack of Nutritional Value

In addition to unhealthy fats and other ingredients, these corn nuts also have a high amount of salt. Too much salt can be devastating to your dog and lead to some unfortunate consequences.

2. High Salt Content

Often what gives corn nuts their extra boost in flavor is seasonings and other additives added through the cooking process.

3. Flavorings

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