Everything You Need To Know About The Black Pitbull!

Having a dog is one of the best things ever, as they quickly become a loyal companion and friend for life.

If you are considering getting a Black Pitbull, you should probably know all the ins and outs of the breed, so that you’re well informed and sure of your decision.

Breed: The Black Pitbull is an American Pitbull Terrier, specifically all-black in color.

Key Facts About The Black Pitbull

Size: On average, Black Pitbulls are between 17-inches to 19-inches tall at the shoulder.

Key Facts About The Black Pitbull

Physical Description: Black Pits have well-defined jaws, with a broad head and pronounced cheekbones.

Key Facts About The Black Pitbull

If you’re going to buy a Black Pitbull puppy, the average cost is between $800 and $1200+.

Cost Of A Black Pitbull

Black Pit requires a good amount of food every day, and all of it needs to be healthy, and appropriate to the dog’s age and size.

Nutritional Needs Of A Black Pitbull

When it comes to grooming a Black Pitbull, not a lot of effort is needed, as they are super easy to maintain.

Grooming Needs Of A Black Pitbull

As a general rule, breeders should do a full health screening of the parent dogs, to ensure that the puppies are healthy.

The Health Of A Black Pitbull

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