We’ll cover the best Vizsla breeders in the United States to help you find a new puppy. Vizsla breeds can easily be trained using a combination of patience, positive methods, and consistency. They are natural hunters, energetic, and agile dogs of power!

1. Big Gun Vizsla (Troy, Missouri) First on the list of the best Vizsla breeders in the United States is “Big Gun Vizsla.” The Big Gun Vizslas are seen as members of the family. The home and farm are set up for the dogs, and the lifestyle of the breeders is with them.

The Crimson Sky Kennel has been an active member of The National Vizsla Association, The Vizsla Club of America, The Vizsla Club of Greater Milwaukee, and The Tampa Bay The Vizsla Club of Illinois, The Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta, and The Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club. They are very reputable! 

2. Crimson Sky Vizslas (Florida)

Ron and Carla are co-owners of the Sokoldalú Kennel, and they are members of the local Wenatchee Kennel Club and the Puget Sound Vizsla Club. Carla is also a member of the VCA (Vizsla Club of America). They love breeding Vizsla puppies!

3. Sokoldalú Vizslas (Washington)

The Moonlight Vizslas Kennel started in 2005. They are a hobby breeder and overall Vizsla enthusiast. They aim to enhance the breed with each litter, and they only breed dogs of overall good health, sound temperament, and the breed’s purpose in mind.

4. Moonlight Vizslas (California)

The Busch Vizslas are co-owned by Jim and Linda Busch and have been Vizsla breeders and competitors for more than fifty years. Jim and Linda have participated in competitions with Vizslas in the field, show, hunt tests, and national shoot-to-retrieve events. 

5. Busch Vizslas (Illinois)

The Stodola Vizsla puppies are certified by the AKC (American Kennel Club) Registered and guaranteed to be of a pure breed. They do not inbreed, neither are they a puppy mill.

6. Stodola Vizslas (Nebraska)

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