The 5 Best Shock Collars for a Biting Puppy!

If your puppy starts biting people and other dogs to the point of hurting, that may turn into a big problem if left unsolved.

When they reach 4-6 months, you can then use shock collars on them. Check out the list for your best options.

This training collar contains all the features you’d want in either a training environment or even when you’re outside with your dog.

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Shock Collar Kit

This e-collar kit boasts fine precision, making it ideal for discerning owners who want to min-max the shock-to-effect values during training.

2. Educator ZEN-300 Remote Shock Training Collar

The first different feature is that it combined the buzz and tone feature into one button. Another is that the remote doesn’t have an LCD display.

3. Dogtra IQ Plus+ Shock Training Collar

It has a range of 300 yards on open space which is quite small compared to the rest of the collars.

4. SportDOG YardTrainer Electronic Training Collar

This collar’s overall shock strength is on the “Moderately Strong” so setting it to lower levels is a must.

5. Garmin Delta XC Shock Collar Kit

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