The 5 Best Shock Collar for Dogs Chasing Cars!

The busy streets are no place for a dog. Seeing your dog suddenly lunge at cars and chase them in the open streets is often so distressing.

The most efficient way to approach dog training is through the use of e-collars. Here's a list of best collars that highly recommend to keep your dog from chasing cars.

The receiver can reach the collar as far as 3/4 miles in open space. This means you can trigger the collar even if your dog runs as fast as they can.

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training E-Collar Kit

This kit supports 16 levels of shocks, that’s 16 “in- betweens” of its strongest shock level and lowest. This kit is designed for more stubborn dogs.

2. PATPET Remote Shock Collar Training Kit

The Educator E Collars are known for their colorful designs and compact remotes. It has a 3/4 mile range.

3. Educator K9 Handler Remote Training Collar

The training kit offers a relatively high energy output compared to another collars. The total range is 3/4 miles or about 1300 yards.

4. Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar

Like all the collars here it has a 3/4 mile range with a 50-80% efficacy depending on the environment and the weather.

5. Garmin Sport PRO Remote Training Collar

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