Best Shampoo for Goldendoodles

Pet hair care is nearly just as essential as our own personal hair care options. Think about it, when we shop for our own shampoo and conditioner needs, we consider our hair type as well as what we want to accomplish with the product. When it comes to bathing your Goldendoodle, the choice is just as important.

Goldendoodles have thick hair with a lot of tight curls due to their Poodle genetics. Their nonshedding hair requires more specific care than a dog that sheds.

The Paws & Pals oatmeal dog shampoo is one of our favorite options out there for Goldendoodles. It’s natural and gentle on dogs who often get irritated skin too easily. 

Buddy’s Best Shampoo is another great option for your Goldendoodle dog. This shampoo comes in a ripe melon scent but you can also choose coconut vanilla bean.

Healthy Breeds oatmeal shampoo from was designed specifically for Goldendoodles. It has a gentle, oatmeal formula that is soothing for sensitive and itchy skin.

Pet Care Sciences dog shampoo is designed for puppies but it is also perfect for adult dogs who have sensitive skin and coats. Goldendoodles can certainly benefit from this formula that contains coconut oil, aloe vera, and oat as the active ingredients.