Best Kayak Dog Tow – Top 8 Picks! (2021)

Towing your dog in a raft behind your kayak or small boat is a great way to enjoy a bonding moment with your pet. This fun outdoor adventure is a favorite of many dog parents who enjoy bringing their dogs along to a river or lake. Many dogs also love to swim and partake in activities with their owner.

The given list contains high quality, durable, and trustworthy tow behinds for dogs.

This dog raft for kayaks is an excellent way to tow your dog behind in a safe way. It has two air chambers to ensure complete safety that this dog tow will never sink.

1. Intex River Run Connect Lounge Tow

This stylish and colorful river tube is perfect for towing your dog behind your kayak. It’s specially designed with a mesh bottom that allows water to reach your dog’s feet and keep them cool.

2. Intex Red River Run Fire Edition Sports Water Tow

This colorful raft is an excellent option for towing your dog in calm waters such as a lake. It features two air chambers that are easy to inflate and deflate.

3. Intex Explorer Inflatable Dog Tow

This colorful raft makes sure your dog is seen by nearby boaters. It measures 53” inches round and features a comfortable backrest for support if your dog wants to rest their head.

4. Bestway CoolerZ Single Dog Rapid Inflatable Tow

This inflatable boat provides a lot of space for your dogs and children to ride at the same time. In addition, it was specifically built as a tow-behind for kayaks or boats.

5. Serene Life Heavy Duty Towable Water Float