Best Dog Waste Disposal System – Top 9 Picks!

Cleaning up after your dog is a mandatory responsibility when it comes to being a pet parent. Studies reveal that dog feces that is left in the yard makes its way into local water sources and spreads bacteria and disease.

There are several in-ground dog waste disposal systems that actually break down your dog’s waste. It also doesn’t smell up your normal trashcans or yard.

This waste station is made with weather and UV resistant materials and is specifically designed to be left outside. It has a modern look and it successfully dispenses and stores poop bags in a discrete way.

Paw Pail Pet Waste Station

The Doggy Dooley is an in-ground dog waste disposal system that has a large capacity and is environmentally safe. This innovative dog poop waste disposal system works similarly to a small septic tank.

Doggy Dooley In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

This in-ground dog poop disposal system gets the job done and is eco-friendly. The steel tank keeps the feces inside and never lets it touch the soil which prevents contaminating local water sources.

Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic Tank Style Waste Disposal System

It comes with a dog waste disposal system, pooper scooper, and enzymes to help you break down your dog’s poop. It successfully eliminates waste and is easy to install.

Cove Products K9 Kennels Pet Waste Management System

The pet waste disposal unit is easy to use and an effective waste digester that reduces and eliminates odors. A good feature of this pet waste bin is that you don’t have to dig deep holes like the other in-ground dog waste systems.

Pet Waste Wizard Disposal Unit and Waste Digester

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