The 6 Best Dog GPS Trackers! (2021)

Dog GPS trackers are devices that allow you to pinpoint your dog’s exact location and monitor their daily activity and sometimes health depending on the tracker. Dog GPS trackers are either built into a collar or can be attached to an existing collar.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the features, prices, and pros and cons of our favorite GPS dog trackers to save you time and money.

Features – Affordable – Built-in night light for visibility – Provides health, fitness, and location data – On-demand veterinarian

1. Whistle Go Explore - Ultimate Health & Location Tracker for Pets

Features – Great for international travel (works in 150 countries) – Waterproof & lightweight – No range limitation – Priced affordably

2. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity Tracker

Features – Priced well – Easy to use & free for life – Best gift for outdoor pets – Uses the characteristics of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and other wireless access points to discover the location of your pet’s device.

3. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker - No Monthly Fee

Features – GPS location tracking – Activity level recommendation & monitoring – Adventure recording & sharing – Priced affordably

4. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker

Features – IPX7 waterproof/ depth proof – Led light with two light modes – 30-day battery life – Secures to any collar up to 1″ in width

5. PETBIZ GPS Pet Tracker, Real-Time Dog Locator & Activity Monitor

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