The 15 Best Dog Brushes for Tangles in 2022!

Many dog parents presume that they’re doing a great job brushing, when in reality, they’ve only been brushing the topcoat, leaving behind a thick matted pelt underneath. Sometimes professional groomers can get these mats out, but it takes plenty of time and is a painful experience for your furbaby.

Here is a list of best dog brushes for tangles to keep Fido looking his best in 2022.

Designed by Chris Christensen, this slicker brush is an excellent choice for pet owners who want a similar feel to a traditional slicker brush.

Chris Christensen Big K Dog Slicker Brush

This is a high-quality dog brush for tangles made in Germany for those who demand quality and perfection and is ideal for delicate and fragile coats!

Chris Christensen Dog Brush

Beeps Magic Coat detangling brush for dogs is a new pet grooming brush designed to eliminate mats, tangles, and loose hair.

BEEPS Magic Coat Detangling Dog Brush

The Hertzko soft pet brush is one of the best dog brushes for tangles that can be used on all dog breeds, from puppies to seniors. The slicker brush has a large handle and dense, fine pins, perfect for removing dead undercoats and loosening mats.

Soft Pet Brush by Hertzko

The Pet Magasin’s Double-Sided brush is one of the best dog brushes for tangles that comes with three different tools – an undercoat rake, double-sided de-matting tool, and de-shedding comb.

Pet Magasin Professional Grooming Brushes