Best Cavapoo Rescues for Adoption–Top 7 Picks!

There are dozens of rescues across the United States who specialize in saving, rehabilitating, and rehoming Poodle mixes, and sometimes have Cavapoos available.

Here are the top options coast-to-coast if you believe in the “adopt-don’t-shop” mantra for adding a new furry member to your family. This is a list of the Best Cavapoo Rescues for Adoption.

This wonderful charity takes in dogs in crisis and rehabilitates them. Once they’ve undone the damage and taught these doodles of all mixes to trust again, they find them loving forever homes where the healing can continue.

1. Doodle Dandy Rescue (Texas)

Doodle Rock Rescue wants to reach in and grab as many abused, neglected, and abandoned doodles and other poodle mixes as they possibly can.

2. Doodle Rock Rescue (Texas)

Simply put, these volunteers are heroes who enjoy nothing more than watching the babies they have nursed back to health find their loving, forever homes.

Doodle Rock Rescue (Texas)

(DRC) is dedicated to the welfare of America’s doodles. Providing vet care, rehabilitation, and finally forever homes, they have rescued over 4000 of these sweet animals from an uncertain fate.

3. Doodle Rescue Collective (East Coast)

After founding Florida Poodle Rescue in 1994 and saving the lives of over 10,000 Poodles, Poodle mixes. This dedicated rescue group wants to educate the public about the unique benefits of adopting a Poodle or Poodle mix.

4. Florida Poodle Rescue

They are looking for forever homes where these sweet-tempered, loyal companions, once abused or mercilessly tossed away, will be treated like the cherished family members they were always intended to be.

Florida Poodle Rescue

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