Which Bernedoodle Size? Mini, Medium, Standard

There are so many different Bernedoodle sizes to choose from including toy, mini, medium, and standard – what do they all mean? In addition, what Bernedoodle size is best for your family?

We’re coming to you with a complete breakdown of the different size options when it comes to choosing a Bernedoodle for your family.

The standard size Bernedoodles might also be referred to by breeders as the large size or medium standard size.

Standard Bernedoodle Size

When compared to other doodle breeds, the medium Bernedoodle is still one of the largest designer dogs by weight.

Medium BernedoodLe Size

These are considered a smaller dog, but they really could fall into a medium weight category in terms of other designer dogs.

Mini Bernedoodle Size

The smallest of the Bernedoodle sizes is the tiny Bernedoodle which is also called the micro-mini Bernedoodle or toy Bernedoodle.

Tiny Bernedoodle Size (Micro Mini Bernedoodle)

Several factors can impact the size of your Bernedoodle. The size of the parent dogs and the generation is significant for how big your Bernedoodle will get.

What Determines the Size of Your Bernedoodle?