How to Take Care of a Baby Rottweiler! 8 Tips

There are just not many things on Earth as cute as a baby Rottweiler. And if you’ve seen one, you know what I’m talking about.

If you stick with this guide, you’ll have a fiercely loyal companion that will choose “Being anywhere with you” as their favorite place. Here are the top 8 tips on how to take care of a baby Rottweiler!

When you first bring your baby Rottweiler home, your main goal is to touch them as much as possible. Social training starts with you and those around you.

1. Social Training

Go through the motions like you’re giving them a full bath when you’re just wiping them down so it’ll start becoming familiar with the process.

2. Introduce Them to a Bathing Schedule

It’s time to begin your relationship with the vet’s office. As Rottweiler puppies, dogs especially need to see a professional for the following: 1. To receive proper vaccinations

3. Visit Your Veterinarian

2. To be monitored for any signs of a problem 3. To receive any parasite prevention meds 4. To answer the question, “When can it take a bath?”

Visit Your Veterinarian

Letting them interact with any other living being is a necessary experience for them. It will teach them not to be fearful of or aggressive to new creatures.

4. Socialize Your Rottweiler with Other Animals

Take them outside every couple of hours (it’s okay, it won’t keep that up) and when you bring them in, take them straight to their kennel if you’re going to be doing something else.

5. Start House Training

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