Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix Guide!

It’s muscular with a dense, straight coat, athletic, and agile. Its entire body is sturdy, with long legs and a solid neck. It’s 20-25 inches high and weighs 45-80 lbs with a thick tail.

The Physical Appearance of the Australian Cattle German Shepherd Mix

– Intelligent – Hardworking – Protective – Loyal – Affectionate – Adaptable – Energetic


The Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix has high activity level. This may be the most active hybrid dog there is - definitely one of them. It’s a dog bred from two highly energetic dog breeds!

Activity Level

– Hip dysplasia – Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) – Deafness – Flea allergies – Bloat – Epilepsy

Possible Health Conditions and Diseases

1. Originated in Germany in the 19th century (which was the 1800s) by Max Von Stephanitz by crossing herding and farm dogs.

Facts About The German Shepherd

1. Added to the AKC as a purebred in 1980. 2. Originated by Thomas Hall in Australia. Originally known as “Hall’s Heelers,” they were bred to herd cattle.

Facts About The Australian Cattle Dog

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