Aussiepoo Guide: The Aussiedoodle Dog Explained

Aussiepoo’s, also commonly referred to as the Aussiedoodle, are a small to medium sized dog breed that’s a mixture between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle.  This is one of the fastest growing and trending doodle dog breeds because the Aussiepoo is typically multicolored, a non shedding Australian Shepherd, and hypoallergenic.

One of the main problems with the Australian Shepherd is that they shed hair everywhere, including your house, clothes, car, and bed.  Breeding the Poodle and Australian Shepherd together creates a Aussiepoo that sheds significantly less hair due to the Poodle genetics.

Aussiepoo’s have a ton of different nicknames including the Aussiedoodle, Australian Shepherd Poodle mix, Aussipoo, or Aussiedoo.  Aussiepoo’s are a fluffy ball of high energy and come from breeding the Australian Shepherd and Poodle together.

What is an Aussiepoo?

We do know that Aussiedoodle’s started after the first Goldendoodle was created in the 1980’s to help provide service to blind pet owners with allergies to pets.

Aussiedoodle History

The Aussiedoodle will come in several standard sizes including the Toy Aussiedoodle, Miniature Aussiedoodle, and Standard Aussiedoodle. In addition, Poodles come in 10 standard colors and Australian Shepherd comes in 4 standard colors which makes their coat coloring difficult to predict.

The Aussiepoo Breed

There are three standard sizes of Aussiedoodles including the Toy Aussiedoodle (less than 20 pounds), the Mini Aussiedoodle (between 20 to 30 pounds), and the Standard Aussiedoodle (over 30 pounds).

How Big do Aussiedoodles Get?

we do know that the merle coloring is known to be a dominant trait which is why so many Aussiepoo’s are multicolored in a merle pattern. However, it’s impossible to 100% accurately predict which color Aussiedoodle will be born due to the infinitely many different combinations.

Aussiedoodle Colors

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