Are Slugs Poisonous to Dogs?

Slugs are poisonous to dogs. While running around, chasing, and digging, your furry friend might end up ingesting these evil little slugs.

They may fall seriously ill because of slugs’ parasite. So that one slimy slug can pose a severe threat to your dog. We understand what effect slugs can have on our dogs to protect them better.

As fierce and loyal dogs are careless too. While happily sniffing around in the garden, they may end up drinking from the puddles or licking and even eating slugs.

Why Does My Dog Eat Slugs?

Lungworm, scientifically known as Angiostrongtlus Vasorum, is a parasitic worm that has spread considerably in recent years. It can lead to significant health issues.

What Is Lungworm?

Take your pet to the veterinarian and discuss your concerns with them. Prevention is always better than cure, more so in this case.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate a Slug?

You can still protect your dog from munching on this evil, slimy creatures. 1. Keep your dog’s essentials inside 2. Keep an eye out for slugs

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Slugs?

The treatment doesn’t necessarily include surgery. It can be cured just with the help of medicines too. Largely, these medicines will focus on reducing any pain.

Treatment for Lungworm in Dogs

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