Are Poodles Good Guard Dogs? (2022)

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They were first bred as hunting dogs, and they were designed to be clever and responsive to humans. This means they’re impressively easy to train.

How Do Poodles Behave?

Poodles have a protective instinct, and yes, they may try to protect you. However, this breed doesn’t have the aggression needed to attack. That means that if an intruder tried to attack you, a Poodle probably wouldn’t know what to do (other than bark). 

Will a Poodle Protect You?

Yes, Poodles certainly do bark. A Poodle will probably bark a great deal if it senses danger. Your Poodle may do this in some circumstances and not others so that they won’t be dependable.

Do Poodles Bark?

Whether a Poodle mix will be a decent guard dog (or at least a good watchdog) will usually depend on what kind of mix it is. In other words, it depends on what breed is mixed with a Poodle to get the mixed dog.

Can Poodle Mixes Be Good Guard Dogs?

As a mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, a Goldendoodle is unlikely to be a good watchdog. Remember how friendly and open to strangers Golden Retrievers most often are.

Are Goldendoodles Good Watch Dogs?

The top 3 watchdogs that will actually protect you are below:  1. German Shepherd 2. Doberman Pinscher 3. Rottweiler

What Breeds Are Good Guard Dogs?

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