Are Goldendoodles Hyper?

We love Goldendoodles because they are fun-loving dogs that are typically very easy-going.

In general, Goldendoodles are considered friendly, affectionate, playful, and silly. The main question we will answer today is “are Goldendoodles hyper?”

Goldendoodles can be hyper and they do require exercise every day between they are a mix of two working-class dog breeds. You should expect to spend at least one hour per day

Why Are Goldendoodles Hyper?

Goldendoodles are active dogs. They do need exercise and playtime. You can set them loose in the backyard to run off some steam but you should also plan to have some active playtime.

Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

1. Take a daily walk 2. Find a playmate like a second Goldendoodle 3. Set up a routine for your Goldendoodle 4. Have plenty of dog toys

Tips for Exercising Your Hyper Goldendoodle

Your Goldendoodle could be affected by various things. Puppies and young dogs are always more playful and rambunctious and this tends to reduce as they get older.

What Might Affect a Goldendoodle’s Energy Levels?

The age of 9 months to 18 months is probably when they are the most energetic. Remember to keep regular exercise and scheduled playtime but this is the perfect time to establish a bit of routine.

What Might Affect a Goldendoodle’s Energy Levels?

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