Apricot vs Red Goldendoodle Comparison Guide!

Many pet owners would prefer their dogs to be either apricot or red so that they more closely resemble a teddy bear.

So, if you have been wondering the difference between apricot vs red Goldendoodles, this should help answer your questions.

Goldendoodles inherit their coat colors from both their Golden Retriever and Poodle parents. Between the two breeds, there are several common colors that your new puppy might inherit.

Goldendoodles Inheriting Colors

Here are a few of the most common colors of Goldendoodles: 1. Chocolate 2. Cream 3. Champagne 4. Gray or silver 5. Black

Goldendoodles Inheriting Colors

A red Goldendoodle is one of the brightest colors that this breed comes in. The coat is a rich red color inherited from their Poodle parent.

Red Goldendoodle Information

While it may fade in color over time, it is an eye-catching shade that will have everyone noticing your puppy from the very beginning.

Red Goldendoodle Information

An apricot Goldendoodle is a variation of the red coat that so many Goldendoodle owners desire. It is just a lighter shade of the same coat, though the coloring may fade over time.

Apricot Goldendoodle Information

Color is considered on a spectrum, so it can be hard to differentiate where red ends and apricot begins. Generally speaking, red is simply a darker version of an apricot puppy.

Difference Between Red Goldendoodle and Apricot Goldendoodles

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