Akita vs Husky – Dog Breed Comparison! (2022)

Let’s start with the Akita. The Akita is actually slightly larger than the Husky. Their bodies have a stockier build and their coats tend to be just a tad thicker as well. They are giant teddy bears but they can be colorful and soft.


The Akita really is fairly easy to train. They are your guardian and protector. They recognize that you are their master. Additionally, they want nothing more than to please you. They learn commands quickly and are very smart.

Training & Exercise Needs

Now, let’s take a look at the Husky. While you will find some similarities, the Husky is really rather unique and quite a bit different than the Akita.


Now let’s discuss training. The Husky tends to be a little bit stubborn. This can make them just a bit harder to train. However, you can train them with consistency. They are smart. They need to have goals.

Training & Exercise Needs

An Akita is typically 4 to 8 inches taller than a Husky and weighs significantly more. However, the Husky has higher energy and tends to live a longer lifespan.

Akita vs Husky

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